The database market is undergoing a rapid evolution. New database technologies are entering the market faster than ever.

The need to be broadly knowledgeable and rapidly understand the existing database ecosystem is growing in importance. 

The database experts behind the Pocket Guide to Databases understand this need. We’ve broken down and simplified the differentiators of the main database technologies into this series of four, 45-minute webinar sessions. 

You'll also have the opportunity to ask the experts any questions during the live Q&A at the end of each session.

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NOTEMiss a course, no worries.
- Each course is stand-alone, so you can still join the others.
- Each course will be recorded. We will send you the link at the end of the series.*

Each 45-minute session start at 11 AM PT  / 2 PM ET

Weds., Dec. 6 

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Introduction to Databases 
In this session we will go over the key milestones of database development and walk you though the major database categories - transactional, analytical, and MMP.
Thurs., Dec. 7

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Transactional Databases
You will learn about the factors that make transactional databases great production databases, and the factors that may signal it may be time to upsize or add to an analytical database to your data stack.

Tues., Dec. 12 

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Analytical Databases
What makes analytical databases so substantially different than transactional databases like MySQL? We’ll take a closer look at the technology that powers analytical databases, such as massively parallel processing (MMP).

Thurs., Dec. 14

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The Future of Database Technology
We’ll discuss some of the newest, and most powerful database solutions on the market. We’ll examine the architecture behind these databases and discuss how companies can use this technology to drive business value today.

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