Identifying Users Across Platforms with a Universal ID

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Before you can dive into any kind of advanced customer behavior analysis, you have to make sure you're counting each user once and only once. This is a surprisingly difficult problem, especially with customer touchpoints across devices.

To accurately measure your users, you have to tie identities across anonymous and logged-in sessions, account for when people change their email addresses, and plan for cross-platform interactions.

Join us April 28 to hear Erin Franz, Data Analyst at Looker, and Will Johnson, Success Lead at Segment, discuss: 

  • Why creating a universal ID is the backbone of user analysis

  • Best practices for identifying your users

  • How to derive a user table of universal IDs with SQL and LookML

Watch the Recorded Webinar Here 



Will Johnson

  Will Johnson, Segment Implementation Engineer.

Erin Franz 

  Erin Franz, Looker Data Analyst       

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