Public datasets contain a wealth of information about our world—everything from which roads have the most potholes to who votes.

But while the data is more accessible than it’s ever been, having to download a huge CSV or map latitudes and longitudes is such a barrier to entry that the data might as well be locked away in private repositories.

In this webinar we will dig into 20 years of Census voting data that we have loaded into Google BigQuery and modeled in Looker. You can ask Daniel anything you’re interested in and he’ll look it up, live.

So whether you’re curious about whether there are more registered voters now than there were in 1994 (lots more!), or whether Millennials are the best-educated generation (not quite!), or what states have the highest rates of military service (Alaska’s #1), come see how Looker can unlock the meaning inside fascinating public datasets.

Daniel Mintz
Chief Evangelist