Faster Data Modeling with Looker and dbt

Thursday, October 1st | 11am PT / 2pm ET

    Drizly is growing rapidly, building a three-sided business that depends on data at every turn. They have roughly a 10-person data team responsible for building infrastructure and data sets that will soon support over 200 Looker users.

    Join this event to learn how data teams are using Looker and dbt to help analysts deliver results faster. You’ll get a deep dive into Drizly’s process and how they choose what to model in dbt vs Looker and the ways the tools become stronger together.

    By attending the webinar you’ll discover:
    • Synergies between dbt and LookML
    • Looker vs dbt best practices and common use cases from 150+ organizations using them in tandem
    • How Drizly increased data usage with Looker and dbt stack
    This is a complementary online event, but space is limited so please register in advance.

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Emily Hawkins
Data Infrastructure Lead


Richard Christie
Director, Alliances


Erin Vaughn
Fishtown Analyics
Director of Customer Success