Consolidating Data Processes & Building Customer Reporting at Jobvite

Tuesday, August 18th | 10am PT / 1pm ET

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    Data is difficult to get right as one company, but when you bring four companies together, it's significantly more complicated. Beyond that, if you want to deliver reports externally to clients, there’s even greater complexity.

    Sound impossible? That’s just what Jobvite accomplished in the last year. Hear Zach Linder, Vice President of Analytics & Machine Learning at Jobvite, as he shares his experience and tips for consolidating data processes across multiple companies as well building out a robust platform for clients to view, analyze, and act on their own talent acquisition data within the Jobvite platform.

    During this webinar, you’ll hear about
    • Challenges and best practices for consolidating data practices across teams and organizations
    • Key criteria for evaluating and implementing embedded analytics tools
    • Example use cases for creating value from talent acquisition insights
    Can’t make it? Don’t worry—register anyway and we’ll send you the recording after the webinar, whether you're there or not.

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Zach Linder
VP of Analytics & Machine Learning


Daniel Mintz
Chief Data Evangelist
Looker/Google Cloud